B. 1997 Palombara Sabina

Based in Rome, Italy

Bea Tabacchi is a multimedia installation artist and painter. Fluidly converging elements of drawing, light, painting, sculpture, sequential art and sound, she approaches materials as an ever-shifting assemblage.

In addition to her solo work as an artist, Tabacchi has worked extensively in collaborative contexts with other artists and in cultural archives with scholars, at the Difference in Media Project (2017-2019) and at Magazzino Italian Art (2019).

In 2020, Tabacchi returned to Rome after many years living abroad in Chicago (2001-2015) and New York (2015-2020).


2019 BA, Bard College, New York

2018 Bard College Summer Studio, Berlin, Germany


2022 Residency
Lateral, Rome, Italy

2019 When angel met Pinocchio
Bard Exhibition Center, Red Hook, New York, USA

2019 Holiday
LABSpace, Hillsdale, New York, USA

2018 Three installations with Judy Pfaff
Bard Exhibition Center, Red Hook, New York, USA

2018 Material and memory
Bard College, Berlin, Germany

2015 Xylem
Chicago Home Theater Festival, Englewood, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Curatorial and creative production

2020 Private Dinner for the Judy Pfaff Studio
Curated and produced by Beatrice Tabacchi
DJ set by Julie Evans

2019 Invisible Library
Co-curated and produced by Annie Seaton and Beatrice Tabacchi

2019 Precious Okoyomon: Portals of New Realities
Co-curated by Laith Ayogu and Beatrice Tabacchi

2019 Procession of the Bacchae
Cinematography by Mounir Soussan
Co-curated and produced by Annie Seaton, Kalan Sherrard, Beatrice Tabacchi, and Finn West

2019 Rose Falvey: Queer Incarcerated
Curated and produced by Beatrice Tabacchi and the Difference and Media Project

2018 Sheida Soleimani: Lecture and Film Screening
Curated by Beatrice Tabacchi

2017 Multimedia Dinner
Co-curated by Auri Akerele, Beatrice Tabacchi and Emir West
Work by Auri Aukerele, Téa Blatt, Jasmine Clarke, Jess Dagg, Kelli Jai, Cole Hollant, Tiana Marsh, Leor Miller, Beatrice Tabacchi, Isabel Vazquez, Emir West, Esme Ashley-White and Becca Zeiger

Beatrice Tabacchi – All rights reserved 2022