Turning black and white

End of summer thirst trap
Oil on canvas 2021
100 x 100 cm (40 x 40 in)
Two black stars and two silver stars behind them like shadows or an alternate pair, the arms of the stars aren't perfectly pointed but curving in different directions at the end. Below them is a field with tall grass, red poppies, a tall black flower, a daisy whose neighbors morph into hearts, and dashes of purples and oranges in the shorter grass. Below the grass, at the bottom of the landscape is water that's painted like many different shades of blue slivers and occassion gold slivers. Framing most of the landscape is the sky where the stars are, which has organic green shapes that are slightly pointed then turn into an interconnected green thread-like shape. The sky is bright red fading into orange and pops of pale yellow behind the stars. Around the warm tones are cooler tones of light blue, grey and light pink. In the top right corner there are red stars and in the top left corner there is a big dark green leaf.
Record skipping
Oil on canvas 2021
80 x 100 cm (31.5 x 40 in)
Mutually undercover
Oil on canvas 2021
30 x 40 cm (12 x 16 in)
Metric system
Acrylic on panel 2020
100 x 180 cm (40 x 71 in)

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